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      Chinese name:安息香;二苯基乙醇酮;苯甲醇苯甲酮;苯甲酰苯甲醇;苯基-α-羥基苯甲酮;1,2-二苯-2-氧化乙醇-[1];2-羥基-2-苯基苯乙酮;1,2-二苯羥乙酮;(±)-安息香醇;二苯羥乙酮;(±)-苯甲酰苯甲醇
      CAS NO: 119-53-9; 579-44-2
      EINECS NO: 209-441-5
      Molecular formula: C14H12O2
      Molecular weight: 212.2439
      Physicochemical properties:
      Traits: white or light yellow crystal
      Solubility: insoluble in cold water, slightly soluble in hot water and ether, soluble in ethanol.
      The Feringham solution can be reduced to react with concentrated sulfuric acid to form a biphenyl group. It reacts with sodium amalgam in ethanol to form hydrogenated benzil. It reacts with hydroiodic acid at 250 ° C to form a biphenyl group.
      Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, it can also be used as a light sensitizer for dye production and photosensitive resin, gravure ink, photocurable coating;
      It is to eliminate the bubbles in the molten powder coating liquid, which is the main factor to eliminate the defect of forming the film pinhole;
      Used for fluorescence reaction testing of zinc, organic synthesis, as a standard for calorimetry and preservatives;
      It is an ideal additive for pinholes in powder coatings in powder coatings.

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